Travel conditions

Dear Clients and Partners,

Below we inform you about the most important existing standards for vehicle drivers based on the 561/2006 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council:

Working hours:

One driver’s working hours is up to 13 hours within 24 hours (departure and arrive to garage), which may be extended to 15 hours , if the driver has three hours of uninterrupted rest period. The working hours also included the time what the driver is not driving, but he is available.

Driving time:

A driver can drive nine hours a working day but it can be increased to ten hours a working day twice a week. A driver can drive continously four and a half hours than he must take a break for 45 minutes. If the break is within four and half hours and is not taking continously 45 minutes, first it can be at least 15 minutes than the next can be at least 30 minutes. In any case the second break must be at least 30 minutes regardless of whether the first break continued more than 15 minutes. Taking a break within 15 minutes considered driving!

Resting time:

A driver’s resting time must be at least 11 hours a day when the driver should stay at a hotel. Driver should take the rest time in two part, the first can be continously at least 3 hours and the second can be continously at least 9 hours.
If the program does not allow compliance with these rules, it requires two drivers.
Two drivers can keep driving for 20 hours (driving in turn), then they must stay continously nine hours at a hotel.
Driver is responsible for keeping the time limits regarding the existing standards so he can refuse the movements in excess timeout.
Please accept these obligatory rules which can ensure the safety travel of passengers. design